A moving story

Just writing to share and promote an anonymous story from The Daily Beast: I’m an Illegal Immigrant at Harvard.

It’s a moving account and one which deserves the attention of politicians in Washington and in our state capitals.  Passing the DREAM Act is a moral imperative as well as a political and economic boon.  The people who would be affected by this legislation were children when they came to this country illegally and/or overstayed visas.  Creating a path to citizenship for those illegal immigrants who go on to earn a bachelor’s degree will create a better-educated and more patriotic citizenry, and it will enable more smart, motivated, innovative college grads to stay in the U.S. and contribute to our economy.  It benefits global competitiveness and, on every level, it makes sense.

Please, contact your representative and urge them to support the DREAM Act.  You can reach them via email by using this link.  Education is about equality, and we shouldn’t artificially and punitively bar people from fully joining the country and its’ civic life.


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