Links of the Day

Quick post to share some awesome reading materials that I’ve recently come across.


First, this report from the All Stars Project. It’s a great introduction to a pretty phenomenal organization focused on youth development. I found it pretty inspiring.

It got me thinking about some of the work going on in education to define competencies and “postsecondary readiness,” whatever that means. Well, David Brooks used his column in the New York Times to talk about just that, examining the “new humanism,” discussing habits of mind and deep talents that relate directly to education. Fascinating stuff.

Here’s a story to watch from Philly: a teacher is in danger of being fired for speaking out against district policy.

And the truth about teacher evaluations: The Numbers Do Lie is a great read, from the New York Times. I think like many, I would support getting rid of seniority-based layoffs, IF there were a sensible replacement available. We’re far from that in NYC and elsewhere, too.

Finally, Diane Ravitch’s blog entry from EdWeek yesterday is a must-read. Also check out her appearance on the Daily Show, if you haven’t already.


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