How High-Stakes Testing Feeds the School-to-Prison Pipeline (h/t FairTest)

This is my daily reminder that I need to spend more time on communication and connecting the dots…to me, this has long been obvious, but it represents a leap to many. We must see oppression holistically, recognizing the evils of racism, classism, and injustice have always been found in public school classrooms.

Schools reflect culture as much as they shape it, and in that way I’m in agreement with Anne Frank: schools are basically good at heart. At that level, most teachers and administrators are genuinely working to educate their students. Therefore, I’m drawn to structural explanations for the obvious school failures that are all too common. High-stakes testing undermines the efforts of compassionate educators, parents and students around the country. The standardized tests we force young people to pass to receive diplomas are unfair and dangerous, which is clear from the excellent infographic from FairTest: